Design Case Study: BioCare Cedarwood Body Oil Package
Project Overview:

BioCare, a brand dedicated to holistic well-being, sought to introduce a new line of body oils with a focus on natural ingredients and a luxurious user experience. The flagship product, BioCare Cedarwood Body Oil, was envisioned as a premium offering, combining the therapeutic properties of cedarwood with a packaging design that exudes opulence and sophistication.

Client Brief:

– Develop a distinctive packaging for the BioCare Cedarwood Body Oil that communicates luxury, nature-inspired wellness, and the product’s premium quality.

– Develop a design with a tight budget and limitations regarding the target audience.


The design drew inspiration from the serene beauty of cedarwood forests, aiming to encapsulate the essence of nature’s tranquility within a luxurious packaging experience. The concept revolved around marrying the organic elements of cedarwood with the refined aesthetics associated with premium skincare products.


Questions you might have.

To provide you with an accurate estimate, I’d like to gather some additional details about the project’s scope and requirements. As you know, the cost of a design project can vary based on factors such as complexity, design elements, materials, and the overall scope of work.

Could you please provide more information on the following aspects?

  1. Project Scope: A brief description of the project, including the type of product, dimensions, and any specific design elements or features you have in mind.

  2. Design Preferences: Any particular design style, color schemes, or branding guidelines you’d like us to consider in the proposal.

  3. Quantities and Variations: If applicable, the quantity of packaging units needed and whether there are variations or multiple SKUs involved.

  4. Timeline: Your preferred timeline for project completion, including any specific deadlines or milestones.

Once we have a clearer understanding of these details, we can generate a more accurate estimate tailored to your unique requirements. Additionally, we are open to scheduling a call or meeting to discuss the project in more depth and address any questions you may have.

My approach is structured to ensure a comprehensive and effective outcome. It typically involves the following key stages:

1. Discovery: I start by gaining an understanding of your goals, target audience, and project requirements. This includes research and discussions to align our vision with your objectives.

2. Conceptualization: Once we have a solid understanding, I move on to brainstorming and sketching out initial ideas. This phase allows me to explore various concepts and creative directions.

3. Design Development: The chosen concepts are then refined and developed further. This includes creating digital drafts, wireframes, or prototypes, depending on the nature of the project.

4. Client Feedback: I value collaboration and encourage your input throughout the process. Your feedback is crucial in shaping the design to meet your expectations and requirements.

5. Revisions and Refinement: Based on your feedback, I make the necessary revisions to refine the design. This iterative process continues until we achieve a final design that aligns perfectly with your vision.

6. Finalization: Once the design is approved, I finalize the assets and deliverables, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and are ready for implementation.

7. Delivery: The final designs are then delivered to you in the agreed-upon format, and I am available for any post-delivery support or adjustments.

My goal is to create a design that not only meets your immediate needs but also stands the test of time. Throughout the process, open communication and collaboration are key to ensuring your satisfaction with the outcome. If you have any specific preferences or requirements, please feel free to share them, and I can tailor the process to best suit your needs.